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​Our pilot Kaspars Ievins is born in Latvia and lives now in Tallinn. He has worked all over the world, places like ​ Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Pakistan, Myanmar and Malaysia. He has now over 5000 flight hours of experience on different helicopters as proffessional pilot.
​Kaspars is an extraordinary pilot. For his 31 years, he has 11 years of flight experience. His current ratings include
Helicopters: Agusta Westland 109SP Grand New, Mi-8 all modifications, Cabri G2.
Type Rating Instructor (TRI): A109SP, Mi-8 all modifications, Cabri G2
Flight Instructor (FI): Cabri G2
Instrument Rating (IR): Single-pilot and Multi-pilot
Previous Ratings:
Helicopters: Robinson R44, Eurocopter EC120 Colibri.
He's other aviation related experiences include:
Dangerous Good by Air Instructor
Flight Safety Officer

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