Kopterfy Main Services

Helicopter charters are a versatile and reliable means of travel, allowing clients to land or take off from remote areas or city centre helipads. Whether it’s transportation of your corporate executives for meetings, or medical staff who require deployment in a remote location or difficult terrain to even artists and celebrities who want to attend a major event, Kopterfy can provide the service that’s just right for you.

Kopterfy offers charter flights from our base in Tallinn, Estonia, but also from anywhere you wish in Scandinavia and Baltics. Our helicopter - Agusta Westland 109 SP is a twin engine helicopter, witch means it is very safe and fast, capable of making commercial flights over the sea. For example you can fly from Tallinn to Helsinki in 20 minutes.

Chartered Flights

Our dedicated aviation professionals are available 24/7 to accommodate your charter requests

Taxi flights

Fast trip to Helsinki or anywhere. There are many ways to get across the sea. Luxurious ships are offering shopping, karaoke, delicious food, live music and lots of time for yourself. If you don’t have time for all that jazz you can get to Helsinki from Tallinn or vice versa in 20 minutes. Book a flight, tell us time and destination an you can be airborne in two hours.

Aerial Cinematography

Agusta Westland 109-SP is the Ferrari of helicopters. Cool, fast, safe, stable and reliable. Because of two motors (twin engine) you can use it to fly low or above the water. The copter is widely used for search and rescue and for that reason it has special features that are invaluable for film crews and photographers: One passenger seat is specially designed for riding with the open door. There are many possibilities for attaching cameras and gimbals. You can use Cineflex and Shotover. Highly skilled pilot can operate the helicopter in various situations.

You name it !

​ Because of our highly skilled pilot and class A helicopter we can operate in very different circumstances and provide services to the most demanding clients. We can fly anywhere you wish. We can fly whenever you wish. We can land in your exact location.

If anyone can do this - it's Kopterfy We go the extra mile for You :)